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The Acer K330 ($600 street) is one of a initial examples of what’s fast branch into a new difficulty of projectors. Much like many palmtops, it’s built around red, green, and blue LEDs and a DLP chip. However, it’s bigger and brighter, with a 500 lumen rating, and it offers a claimed WXGA (1,280 by 800) local resolution. It is, in short, a able business projector. Acer also touts it as a home party projector that we can set adult fast to watch cinema or play games and afterwards store divided when you’re not regulating it.

If a altogether outline sounds familiar, it competence be since a K330 is so identical to a Optoma ML500 ($650 street, 3.5 stars), another sub-3 pound, 500 lumen projector. When we reviewed a ML500, we forked out that both a cost and liughtness were medium by normal sub-3 bruise micro projector standards, and suggested that we could consider of it as a bill labelled micro projector. With a K330, and other identical projectors on a way, a bill micro projector is looking some-more and some-more like a poignant category.

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The K330 weighs 2.9 pounds—a bit some-more than a ML500 though light adequate to lift around though a second thought—and it measures 1.8 by 8.6 by 6.6 inches (HWD). It comes with a soothing carrying box that’s vast adequate to reason a projector as good as a cables and credit label distance remote.

Setup is standard, with a behind row charity a suitable array of connectors, including a VGA pier for a mechanism or member video, an HDMI pier for a mechanism or video source, and a combination video port. In addition, there are dual miniplug jacks for AV submit and audio out, both an SDcard container and a USB Type A pier for reading files from a memory label or USB memory key, and a mini USB pier for joining to a mechanism to send files to a 2GB inner memory,

The memory options assistance supplement to a projector’s portability by vouchsafing we leave your mechanism or video source during home. According to Acer, a K330 can review some-more than 20 record formats, including PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files (up to Office 2010); PDF files; video files (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and 5 other formats); picture files (BMP and JPG); and audio files (MP1, WAV, and 7 more).

Brightness and Data Image Quality
The 500 lumen rating competence sound malnutritioned compared to lamp-based unstable projectors, like a Editors’ Choice NEC Display Solutions NP-M300WS ($1,099 direct, 4 stars), with a 3000 lumen rating. However, notice of liughtness is logarithmic, so a 500 lumen picture looks many some-more than one sixth as splendid as a 3000 lumen image. As a unsentimental matter, a K330 was splendid adequate to let me run my tests regulating a 2-meter (78-inch) far-reaching picture distance we routinely use with customary projectors, rather than a smaller images we breeze adult with when contrast palmtops.

The projector also rubbed a apartment of DisplayMate tests pretty well. As with a ML500, however, we saw scaling artifacts—unwanted additional patterns combined to patterned fills, like an area filled with dots—at a claimed local resolution. This simply shouldn’t happen.

Scaling artifacts in an LCD or DLP arrangement uncover adult when a arrangement has to supplement or dump pixels in an picture to make it compare a series of pixels in a display. The local fortitude is ostensible to tell we how many pixels are in a display, that also tells we what picture fortitude we need to use to equivocate scaling. As with a ML500, a artifacts advise that a K330′s local fortitude isn’t 1,280 by 800. When we asked Acer about a artifacts, a association deputy pronounced he would check into them, though as of this writing, he has not offering any reason for them.

Fortunately, a artifacts uncover usually on images with fills of closely spaced dots or lines over a vast area, so they won’t be an emanate for many people for really many images. However, a scaling is also expected obliged for a slight soothing concentration that we also beheld with content and excellent details. On a and side, a projector did good on many other tests, with formally neutral grays indicating good tone balance, and vibrant, good jam-packed colors.

One vital warn is that we saw tiny to no rainbow outcome with information images. Rainbow artifacts are a intensity emanate for any single-chip DLP projector, since of a approach a projectors emanate color. I’m sincerely supportive to a effect, though with a K330, we didn’t see it in information images during all. we saw it in video images, though usually spasmodic and even afterwards fleetingly adequate that we competence not have famous them as rainbow artifacts if we weren’t so informed with a rainbow effect. Unless you’re even some-more supportive to saying a rainbows than we am, they simply won’t be an emanate with a K330.

Video Image peculiarity and Other Issues
Image peculiarity for video is best described as usable. It’s not something you’d wish for a full-scale home theater, though it’s suitable for a kind of infrequent home use that Acer suggests a projector can be used for. Note, however, that nonetheless a K330 claims support for 3D, it’s singular to PC-based 3D only.

The one notable emanate we saw besides a occasional rainbow was assuage detriment of shade fact (details formed on shading in dim areas). The projector rubbed skin tones pretty well, and we didn’t see any suit artifacts, posterization (colors changing unexpected where they should change gradually), or other apparent problems.

It’s value discuss also that a 2-watt mono orator is shrill adequate to fill a tiny discussion room, that is distant improved than many tiny projectors can manage. And don’t disremember a assets we get on sum cost of tenure with an LED light source. The 20,000 hour lifetime means a LEDs will final a life of a projector, so we won’t have to bombard out any income for deputy bulbs.

The Acer K330′s brew of tiny size, low weight, brightness, and picture peculiarity creates it a some-more than reasonable collect if we need a rarely unstable projector. It should also be of sold seductiveness to anyone who tends to equivocate DLP projectors since of rainbow artifacts. The scaling artifacts keep it from being an Editors’ Choice, though even with that problem it’s appealing adequate that if you’re looking for a tiny though pretty splendid micro projector, a Acer K330 belongs on your brief list.

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