Recall recap: Fire hazards from printers, fax machines, and furnaces; tumble hazards from strollers; and infested egg products in 34 states

HP Fax Machine

Several products were removed this week for posing glow hazards to consumers. The biggest such remember involves 928,000 HP fax machines. Two opposite Bumbleride strollers might put children during risk for a fall. And a retailer of egg products used in sandwiches and salads by countless retailers released a warning of probable Listeria contamination.

Fax machines and printers recalled

Hewlett-Packard removed scarcely 1 million HP Fax 1040 and 1050 models given an inner electrical member disaster might means them to overheat, posing glow and bake hazards. Some of a removed fax machines were deputy units for a Jun 2008 remember involving HP fax indication 1010. The fax machines were sole during retailers national and online from Nov 2004 by Dec 2011. Consumers might hit HP during (888) 654-9296 for remission information. If we are meddlesome in a new fax machine, check out a news on a Best Reviewed models.

Konica Minolta also released a intentional remember of 8,430 desktop models of laser tone printers: Magicolor 4750DN, Magicolor 3730DN, Bizhub C35 and Bizhub C35P, given they can brief circuit and overheat during use, posing a glow and bake hazard. The printers were sole national during value-added resellers and by Konica Minolta dealers from Jun 2010 to Mar 2011. Owners of a Magicolor 3730DN and 4750DN should hit Konica Minolta during (800) 825-5664 for a giveaway replacement. Service member for a association will hit owners of a other models to news correct and replacement. If we would cite to buy a new printer instead of regulating these removed models, revisit a news on a best printers.

Hot home products

Two lighting products were removed for posing startle and glow hazards:

  • Design Direct removed rooster-themed lamps sole during Fred’s Inc. stores national between Oct 2011 and Nov 2011. The electrical cord can ravel nearby a bottom of a lamp, yet no injuries have been reported. The lamps are labeled “Distributed by Fred’s Inc.” with “SKU 61589.” Consumers might hit Designs Direct during (888) 770-7062 for a refund.
  • West Elm removed a Overarching Floor Lamp after receiving 39 reports of brief circuits in a lamp. The building lamps were sole from Mar 2011 by Nov 2011. Consumers might lapse a building lamps to West Elm for full store credit, or hit a association during (855) 236-1941.

York International reissued a remember of scarcely 224,000 gas furnaces for made homes after receiving 366 reports of fires given a strange remember was released in Nov 2004. The remember involves Coleman, Coleman Evcon and Red T code furnaces, sole national between 1995 and 2000. Consumers might hit UPG, a multiplication of York, during (888) 665-4640 to news a giveaway investigation and correct of any furnace concerned in a recall. For protected furnaces, review a news on a Best Reviewed models.

In autos safety

Ford removed some-more than 13,000 2011-2012 F-53 and F-59 vehicles given a problem with a rigging indicator means drivers won’t know either a automobile is in park or reverse, posing a pile-up risk. Owners might hit Ford during (866) 436-7332.

Maserati removed some 1,800 2008-2010 Granturismo vehicles given a back tail and stop lights might fail. Owners might hit Maserati during (201) 816-2600.

Two automobile manufacturers released recalls due to inadequate atmosphere bag deployment:

Strollers recalled

Bumbleride released a intentional remember of a Bumbleride Indie and Indie Twin Strollers due to a tumble hazard. The association has perceived 36 incidents of a front circle cracking, including dual reports of a hiker tipping over ensuing in teenager injuries. The removed strollers embody indication numbers I-107, I-110 and I-205 with a DOM (Date of Manufacture) from Jan 2009 by Aug 2011 sole in mixed colors; a removed twin strollers are indication numbers IT-108, IT-111, and IT-305 with a DOM from Jan 2009 by Aug 2011 sole in mixed colors. They were sole during baby product stores nationwide, online during, and other online retailers between Jan 2009 and Jan 2012. Consumers might hit Bumbleride during or during (800) 530-3930 to accept a giveaway front circle retrofit kit. Note: The Bumbleride Indie is a Runner adult Jogging Stroller by ConsumerSearch. For other suggestions on strollers, revisit a extensive coverage.
In your pantry

Michael Foods Inc. removed specific lot dates of hard-cooked eggs given of probable Listeria contamination. These eggs were used by food distributors and retailers in finished salads and sandwiches opposite 34 states. Related recalls include:

Healthy People Co. released a intentional remember of certain dietary supplements, including Mince Belle, Everlax, Ever Slim, Ever Slim Shake Mix Dietary Supplement Strawberry, and Ever Slim Shake Mix Dietary Supplement Chocolate given they enclose undeclared Sibutramine and Tadalafil, creation these products unapproved new drugs. Sibutramine is an FDA-approved drug for ardour suppression, and Tadalafil is an FDA-approved drug for erectile dysfunction.

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