Report: PS3-Exclusive Journey Coming Out in March

Thatgamecompany, a studio behind Flow and Flower, is one of a many worshiped indie developers in a whole gaming industry. And PlayStation 3 gamers know their singular forays into a gaming space all too well.

As a third pretension in their 3 diversion growth understanding with Sony, Journey, has been much-anticipated. We final saw a diversion back in December, and were told a diversion is entrance out in a second entertain of 2012. But now, we have some new information that indicates a diversion is entrance out earlier than that.

According to Issue #227 of Game Informer Magazine, Journey will be out before a second quarter. A preview of a diversion on page 18 of a emanate in doubt ends with a following sentence: “No matter how we report [Journey], it’s a pretension that should positively be on your radar as we nearby the recover in March.”

We’ve reached out to Sony for central criticism and/or confirmation, and will refurbish when we hear back.

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