Count a NEC NP-L50W ($749 direct) as one some-more movement on what started out as an sparkling new difficulty of projectors usually months ago and now consists of an collection of scarcely transmutable models from opposite companies. Like all a others, it’s built around a WXGA (1,280 by 800) DLP chip, uses red, green, and blue LEDs for a light source, and offers a 500 lumen liughtness rating. It also shares a same pivotal strengths and weaknesses as a competition. That creates it value considering, though doesn’t do anything to make it mount out from a crowd.

The NP-L50W, along with a Optoma ML500 ($650 street, 3.5 stars), a Acer K330 ($600 street, 3.5 stars), and a ViewSonic PLED-W500 ($700 street, 3 stars), are as identical to any other as slices of bread cut from a same loaf. There are variations from one to a next, though they are awfully minor. The operation in weights, for example, is 2.5 to 2.9 pounds, with a NP-L50W weighing in during 2.6 pounds. None have outmost energy blocks, and they all have identical measurements, with a NP-L50W entrance in during 1.7 by 8.9 by 6.9 inches (HWD).

Setup for all of these models is standard, and all offer a identical set of connectors. For a NP-L50W, that includes a VGA pier for a mechanism or member video source, an HDMI pier for a mechanism or video source, and a combination video port. In addition, it can review files directly from an SD card, a USB memory key, or a 1GB inner memory.

There’s also a USB arrangement underline that lets we arrangement an picture over a USB wire connected to a NP-L50W’s micro USB port. The underline did not work with a mechanism we used in my tests. However, it’s not unusual, with this difficulty of projector during least, for a USB arrangement underline to work with some computers and not others.

As I’ve forked out in other reviews, 500 lumens competence sound underpowered, though it’s brighter than we competence think, given notice of liughtness is logarithmic. That means a 500 lumen picture looks many some-more than one fifth as splendid as a 2,500 lumen image, for example. As a unsentimental matter, a NP-L50W is splendid adequate so we started my contrast with a 78-inch far-reaching (92-inch diagonal) image, that is a distance we routinely use with customary lamp-based projectors.

Even during that size, liughtness itself wasn’t an issue. However, a NP-L50W shows a same soothing concentration outcome we saw with a other models in this category, that done a content a tiny tough to read. After experimenting a bit with a picture size, we wound adult with a 44-inch far-reaching (52 in. diagonal) image.

Data Image Quality
The NP-L50W did swimmingly on many of a screens in a customary apartment of DisplayMate tests. Red looked a tiny orange in dual of a tone modes and magenta looked pinkish in one, though in many of a modes, a colors were colourful and good saturated. Color change was also good, with formally neutral grays during all levels from black to white, and a picture was stone plain on screens that tend to uncover pixel jitter.

Unfortunately, as with a ML500, K330, and PLED-W500, a NP-L50W shows what looks scaling artifacts—added patterns in patterned fills, like an area filled with dots—at a claimed local resolution. As we discussed in fact in a ML500 and K330 reviews, this simply shouldn’t happen.

For many people, a artifacts won’t matter, given they uncover usually on images with fills of closely spaced dots or lines over a vast area. However, a scaling is also expected obliged for a soothing concentration outcome that creates content reduction entertaining than it should be. With a NP-L50W, readability was apparently influenced during 9 indicate size, with smaller fonts quite tough to read.

Video Image peculiarity and Other Issues
The NP-L50W’s video peculiarity is potentially good adequate to watch, as prolonged as we don’t mind saying rainbow artifacts, with light areas violation adult into tiny red-green-blue rainbows. The rainbow outcome is a intensity emanate for any single-chip DLP projector, given of a approach DLP chips emanate color.

With a NP-L50W a rainbows uncover intermittently adequate with information screens so they shouldn’t be a problem even for those who see a rainbows easily. Like many projectors, however, a NP-L50W tends to uncover some-more rainbows with video. And with video, they showed mostly adequate so that anyone who’s supportive to a outcome competence find them too troublesome for anything though brief video clips.

If we don’t see rainbows easily, or don’t mind saying them, a video peculiarity is differently usable, though we won’t mistake it for something constructed by a home museum projector. we saw some teenager suit artifacts and assuage detriment of shade fact (details formed on shading). However, we didn’t see any posterization (colors changing unexpected even where they should change gradually) on scenes that tend to move it out.

Also value discuss is that a 2-watt mono orator offers pretty good peculiarity sound and adequate volume to fill a tiny discussion room. And as we competence design for an LED projector, a light source is meant to final a life of a unit, with a 20,000 hour lifetime. One warn is that a NP-L50W isn’t 3D-ready, like many of a other models in a category. However, that’s not many of an issue, given a 3D capability in 3D-ready projectors tends to be rarely limited.

Much like each other indication in this difficulty so far, a NEC NP-L50W offers an appealing change of tiny size, low weight, information picture quality, and features. There’s zero to make it mount out, and, given a high price, no constrained reason to collect it over a competition. Price aside, however, it’s a compare for a rest of a category, positively value considering, and usually as positively a reasonable choice.

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