Epson PowerLite 93+

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive XGA (1,024 by 768) projector, a lightweight indication to use as a unchanging roving companion, or both, a 6.9-pound, Epson PowerLite 93+ ($549 direct) should be on your brief list. Although a 2,600 lumen rating is a tiny low by today’s standards, it’s as splendid as many earlier-generation projectors in a class. More important, it’s simply splendid adequate for a tiny to mid-size discussion room a meant for, and splendid adequate to be Editors’ Choice.

It’s not tough to find competing projectors, like a 3,000 lumen NEC Display Solutions NP-V300X ($779 direct, 3.5 stars) that offer aloft liughtness ratings, yet they come with aloft cost tags as well. In addition, many of them, including a NP-V300X and a still some-more costly Editors’ Choice Optoma TW610ST ($1,000, 4 stars) are built around a singular DLP chip, that means they humour to a larger or obtuse border from a rainbow effect—the bent for light areas surrounded by dim areas on shade to mangle adult into tiny red-green-blue rainbows.

These rainbow artifacts grow out of a approach single-chip DLP projectors emanate color. Some people are some-more supportive to a outcome than others, and some DLP projectors uncover it some-more simply than others, yet it’s always a intensity concern. A three-panel LCD projector like a 93+, in contrast, eliminates any probability of a rainbow effect. That’s an critical and if you’re endangered that some people in your assembly might find rainbow artifacts annoying.

The Basics
The 93+ is a tiny vast for a weight, during 3.7 by 13.6 by 10.3 inches (HWD)—or 4.2 inches high if we embody a feet. However, it’s tiny and light enough, during 6.9 pounds, to lift though many effort. It doesn’t come with a carrying case, though, so be certain to supplement a cost of one to a cost if we review it to other models that embody one.

Setup is standard. Simply block in a suitable cables, adjust a 1.2x zoom, and concentration a image. The connectors for picture sources embody an HDMI pier for a mechanism or video source, dual VGA ports for computers or member video, and a multiple video and S-Video port. In addition, we can bond to a USB pier to possibly send an picture from a mechanism or control a mechanism rodent from your remote, nonetheless we can’t do both during once.

Image Quality and Other Issues
Image peculiarity for both information and video is among a projector’s strongest points. The 93+ sailed by are apartment of DisplayMate tests though any critical problems. Colors were colourful and entirely jam-packed and tone change was excellent, with all levels of gray from black to white formally neutral in all yet one of a tone presets. Impressively, we saw no pixel jitter with an analog tie on screens designed to move out jitter. Also really many value discuss is that both black on white and white on black content were frail and rarely entertaining down to a smallest sizes we exam with.

Video picture peculiarity was good brief of what you’d wish from a home museum projector, yet glorious for a information projector. we saw a hold of posterization (colors changing unexpected where they should change gradually) and a assuage detriment of shade fact (details formed on shading in dim areas), yet usually on exam clips that are quite tough to hoop well. Most information projectors do distant worse. And conjunction problem showed adult on some-more standard scenes.

The built-in audio, with a 16-watt mono speaker, is still another plus. The speakers in many information projectors in this weight category are frequency value having. The 93+ orator is shrill adequate to fill a tiny to mid-size discussion room or classroom, and high adequate peculiarity to make out each word of a low volume digression in a quite severe shave in a exam suite. Unlike many projectors in this weight class, even if we need good sound quality, we can really simply get by though wanting an outmost sound system.

The Epson PowerLite 93+ offers a some-more than appealing multiple of brightness, portability, information picture quality, video picture quality, audio quality, and price. Its comparatively low liughtness by today’s standards is a tiny strike opposite it, yet some-more critical is that a projector is splendid adequate for a dictated use. The altogether change of facilities is simply adequate to make a Epson PowerLite 93+ a budget-priced Editors’ Choice for an XGA unstable projector. 

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