Nintendo Registers ‘Super Mario 4′

At a final investor’s display in January, Nintendo announced it was working on a new 2D Mario journey game. Outside of a recover date before to Apr 2013, no serve sum were given by association boss Satoru Iwata. However only days ago, Nintendo purebred a domain for ‘’.

The publisher isn’t attempting to censor this registry. A discerning hunt shows that Nintendo of America controls a domain, and typing in a residence will indeed route to Nintendo’s website. It’s critical to keep in mind that a registry doesn’t directly prove a participation of a product – companies tie adult URLs all a time – though it could meant something.

Of course, while a evident suspicions indicate towards this being a 2D 3DS game, it could be something else wholly – a Wii U launch title, perhaps?

Here’s anticipating we see Mario finally pierce to a series four. It took Street Fighter prolonged adequate to make it to three…

Special interjection to IGN reader ‘tyrant_psn’ for a tip!

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