The Free PS Vita Game That Isn’t Actually Free

With a recover of Treasures of Montezuma Blitz on PlayStation Vita this week, it seemed players would have a new free-to-play diversion to disaster around with. This isn’t new on a PSN: DC Universe Online, Free Realms and a arriving FPS Dust 514 all entirely try this model.

But with a likes of MotorStorm RC on a marketplace — a diversion that is literally free-to-play with no microtransactions to pronounce of — a tenure requires some-more construction than ever. And if a pre-release selling of Treasures of Montezuma Blitz indicates anything, clarity is still really most needed. That’s since nothing about what was pronounced about a diversion before it came out jives during all with what a diversion indeed is.

Treasures of Montezuma Blitz is a microtransaction-laden free-to-play diversion that conjunction hinted during it requiring microtransactions nor speaks of them in-game… during least, until we need them. And you’ll need them when we use all of your lives adult after 5 or 10 minutes, since Treasures of Montezuma Blitz is extremely stingy. Of course, such an ensue is usually a privilege of a game’s developer, though even for a free-to-play diversion that could be simply downloaded, sampled and deleted, Montezuma Blitz borders on a intentionally deceptive.

Consider all of a game’s pre-release literature. On a PlayStation Blog’s weekly The Drop article, a diversion is listed as “Completely giveaway for life to download and play!” The dedicated site for a diversion on PlayStation’s website reiterates that same claim.

In another PlayStation Blog post, one of a game’s developers from Alawar Entertainment remarkable that “a lot of people demeanour during freemium and free-to-play games and cruise we have to spend income to be rival and kick your friends. That’s indeed not a box with this game.” She goes on to state that “if we are brief on time… we can spent [sic] a small to get a short-term power-up.” It’s not even transparent if she’s articulate about spending time or money, and possibly way, a post is definitely vague, and we think intentionally so.

Making matters worse, a game’s interface doesn’t explain anything once we start it up. There’s literally no approach for we to know that we have to compensate to play or buy perks though a in-game prompts that move we to a PlayStation Store when we can’t ensue any other way. The developers done a symbol to take we to a credits though not to explain a game’s microtransaction economy. It’s obscure and a small bit distressing, since to be ideally frank, Treasures of Montezuma Blitz comes off as dishonest.

The microtransactions’ bad user ratings on PSN tell partial of a tale. But it seems some posters on the PlayStation Blog held on to this flattering quickly, job a diversion “terrible” and a selling “definitively misleading” and “disingenuous.” One user claims that his lives feed in a time it takes to do a washing — and your lives do indeed come behind over time, permitting we to play some-more — though where in a diversion does it contend that happens? If there’s a elementary cold down period, since are gamers sent to a PS Store to buy some-more lives? Is it maybe since they wish to nickel and dime players who are ignorant of that fact?

It’s not each day I’d write an essay here on IGN enlivening we not to download a diversion that’s free, generally since we’re going by utterly a drought on PlayStation Vita right now. But cruise this one of those times. Treasures of Montezuma Blitz isn’t usually foolish and constructed in a delivery, though one can’t assistance though consternation if a miss of reason was an conscious ploy to get players to spend income on this “free” game. Developers have to make behind their investment somehow, though what’s wrong with being upfront about it and vouchsafing your product do a talking? Instead, it seems like this diversion got held adult in selling pronounce and intentionally murky presentation.

Colin Moriarty is Editor of IGN PlayStation. You can follow him on Twitter and learn only how unhappy a life of a New York Islanders and New York Jets fan can be.

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