Crytek Shows Off a Future of Game Graphics

Crytek has suggested a latest refurbish to CryENGINE 3. The refurbish brings new DirectX 11 support, including softened tessellation, new shaders and new lighting that concede for rare levels of detail. Don’t trust us? Check out a trailer for a refurbish below.

The refurbish is accessible now to developers regulating a CryENGINE 3 program growth kit. It’s value observant that it will be some time before we see these improvements make their approach to games, though it’s positively sparkling to take a demeanour during what a destiny holds.

A full list of a changes in CryENGINE 3′s new refurbish is accessible on Crytek’s site. Earlier currently Crytek confirmed a existence of Crysis 3, that will run on a chronicle of CryENGINE.

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