HP Pavilion HPE Phoenix h9z

The HP HPE Phoenix h9z ($1,049 direct) is HP’s (re-) entrance into a gaming PC market. While HP’s HPE h8 array PCs go after multimedia enthusiasts, a h9 Phoenix goes after a entrance turn to mainstream gaming fan with identical gusto. What HP brings to a table, in further to performance, are a lot of customary facilities that would’ve been extra-cost options on other entry-level gaming desktop PCs.

Design and Features
The HPE Phoenix h9z line extends a common HP HPE building chassis’ looks by adding a new faceplate and side panels. The HP Pavilion Elite h8-1124 ($899.99 list, 3.5 stars) and a brethren are simple building desktops, with sincerely composed looks. The HPE Phoenix h9z swaps in a some-more assertive front row with indignant red backlighting and a seperated side row with red inner lighting. It’s not utterly as outré as a Alienware X51 ($999.99 direct, 4 stars) or Velocity Micro Edge Z40 ($1,199 direct, 4 stars), yet it’s really going for a same cut of a gaming market.

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HP Pavilion HPE h9 Phoenix : Side Panel

The inside of a framework has a room you’d design from a tower, with copiousness of respirating room for a enclosed Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 graphics card. There’s room for dual PCIe x1 cards, dual some-more tough drives (or one tough expostulate and one visual drive), and dual some-more RAM DIMMS. Another alleviation over a HPE h8 array is an up-rated 600W energy supply (compared to a comparatively insignificant 300W in some h8 PCs).

The Phoenix h9z expands and embellishes a comparatively composed framework we saw in a HP Pavilion Elite h8-1124 and other members of a h8 series. The front row now has some-more lighting effects in a same red tone, while a side row is some-more perforated. There’s a windowed row with a relating seperated filigree embedded, that begs a question, because not make it all filigree for improved airflow? It looks like it should, yet it’s only for show.

Another peculiar preference is that a smallish window shows off a CPU atmosphere cooler, yet not a gaming-class Nvidia graphics card, that would demeanour some-more considerable underneath a red heat of a chassis’ illuminated cooling fan. This is a box (pardon a pun) where a lofty elements don’t go distant enough. There are some splendid spots however; a tip row is now deeply indented to keep your smartphone, outmost tough drives, or camera protected during charge/sync sessions. As my co-worker in a lab mentioned, it’s ideally sized and made for a resting cat.

The HPE Phoenix h9z comes with an eight-core AMD FX-8100 processor, from their new multi-core FX line of processors. Other niceties embody a Blu-ray actor visual drive, 802.11n Wi-Fi, a 1TB tough drive, and Beats Audio. As on HP’s all in one PCs, Beats Audio modifies a system’s inner audio to raise song listening and film watching. Beats Audio works by headphones or by outmost speakers, and we don’t have to be regulating Beats Audio branded headphones to use a sound enhancements.

The HPE Phoenix h9z comes with a two-year warranty, double that of many other desktops. There is some bloatware, yet a complement comes with a 15-month subscription to Norton Internet Security, that is a totally useful duration of time compared to a insignificant 30-day subscription enclosed with many PCs. The initial desktop shade is reduction cluttered than some, yet there are still icons for HP’s Magic Canvas, Office 2010, HP Games, Rift! (a anticipation MMORPG), Rara music, Norton Internet Security, and HP Support assistant.

HP HPE Phoenix h9z
This is where a steel meets a road, and a Phoenix h9z is an adequate, yet not exceptional, performer. It gets decent scores during a gaming benchmark tests, with a only playable 54 fps during Crysis during Medium peculiarity and a utterly playable 65 fps during Lost Planet 2 during a Middle peculiarity setting. These are due to a system’s AMD FX-8100 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 graphics card. However, a Editor’s Choice Alienware X51 with a faster processor and graphics are most faster and smoother (88 fps Crysis, 86 fps Lost Planet 2). The Alienware X51 also tops a h9z during both settings on a Futuremark 3DMark 11 test. The AMD processor shows guarantee during a multimedia tests, however. The h9z runs a Adobe Photoshop CS5 exam in a discerning 1:38, that is roughly dual mins faster than a Alienware (3:36). Unfortunately, you’re expected going to wish to buy a h9z to play games rather than work on modifying pictures.

HP HPE Phoenix h9z

So for a gaming rig, a HP Pavilion HPE Phoenix h9z is good, yet not great. It lags behind a heading Alienware X51 on a diversion grid, yet it puts a good display on Photoshop and in a facilities race. It’s some-more expandable than a Alienware X51, and has a Blu-ray actor that a compress gaming supply lacks. Essentially, if we wish to ascent in a future, a Phoenix h9z is a decent choice, yet if you’re looking for opening now, a less-expensive Alienware X51 is still a complement to beat.


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