Dish Network Joey

The Joey is a internal receiver for a Editors’ Choice digital video recorder Dish Network Hopper (4.5 stars). While a Hopper serves as a tuner recorder with storage, a Joey lets we entrance anything on a Hopper from any room in a residence with a TV. You can implement adult to 3 Joeys (via coaxial cable) with any Hopper, and they’re supposing for giveaway as partial of a Hopper package for Dish Network subscribers of mid-tier programming packages, and a use costs $7 per month per Joey in further to a Hopper itself. 

At 1.5 by 6.5 by 5.1 inches (HWD), a Joey is many smaller than a Hopper, though maintains all of a user-end functions. The front row binds a few simple buttons including Power and Up and Down navigation controls, though you’ll need a remote to navigate on-screen menus. Joey comes with an matching remote to a Hopper, and we get a piece of stickers for labeling any Joey remote. There are dedicated buttons for a DVR library, recording video, and acid a channel guide. You’ll spend many of your time navigating menus with a instruction pad, though a dedicated buttons make accessing certain functions like a connected Hopper’s DVR capabilities easy.

On a Joey’s behind panel, there’s a coaxial wire port, HDMI and combination video outputs, an visual audio output, and an Ethernet port. The Joey connects to a Hopper by a coaxial wire tie (the installer will run a splitter between a dual cables), and a Joey’s Ethernet pier is mostly vestigial; on-demand and networked TV services like Blockbuster on Demand are accessed by a Hopper.

Dish Networks Joey Back

Up to 3 Joeys can be connected to a Hopper to use a Hopper’s 3 tuners. Two of those Joeys can balance to live TV while a Hopper is display TV, and a third Joey can balance into any of a 3 active streams or entrance DVR or streaming video content. We commissioned dual Joeys with a exam unit, and both simply accessed a storage and tuners on a Hopper.

If we wish satellite TV in your bedroom, garage, or other bedrooms in your house, a Dish Network Joey is a no-brainer. Up to 3 boxes are giveaway with a Hopper, that stands as a Editors’ Choice DVR, and they can entrance all on a Hopper with ease. If we have some-more than one shade in your house, a $7 per month for any Joey is value a cost for all a programming we can get.

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