The Walking Dead: The Game

The best partial of The Walking Dead: The Game’s initial partial — “A New Day” — is a thing that will spin many people off: a talking. If you’re looking for a zombie diversion to shotgun your approach by or to perform we with one-liners and damn words, it’s best to omit The Walking Dead altogether. This is a deeply personal and romantic experience, and that’s because it feels so right as a partial of this franchise.

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In a initial of 5 episodes, we take on a purpose of Lee Everett, a male who competence or competence not be a killer. About a time Lee is removing ecstatic to prison, a zombie canon starts and gives him a “get out of jail free” card. For a subsequent dual hours, it’s adult to we to keep Lee alive and means to strengthen Clementine, a initial grader in his care.

All of this is function parallel with a comic book series. Lee’s story kicks off during a commencement of a finish of a world, so Rick, a protagonist of a books, is snoozing in his sanatorium bed. This is a new, eccentric organisation of survivors — nonetheless we can design a informed face or dual as a crossover — so assembly any other and reckoning out how you’re going to tarry is a bearing of A New Day. Yes, there are movement sequences (a lot of them, actually), yet you’ll spend a infancy of your time creation decisions and vital with a consequences. See, developer Telltale Games has built a code new journey diversion setup for The Walking Dead.

Although we had to select what to contend in Telltale titles such as Back to a Future, we could double behind in review trees and try all a options. The Walking Dead removes that and ups a stakes. Here, someone will ask we a doubt and you’ll have a singular time to collect one of 4 responses. Whatever we decide, we live with. Characters remember what we contend and take note of your pronoun usage, demeanor, and so on. While this competence simply be someone doubt Lee’s story in this episode, Telltale says a approach people understand him is going to drastically impact destiny episodes. What if your patrol finds out you’ve been fibbing from a get-go?

Make your choice and live with it.For now, this means I’ve got a reason to replay A New Day. As shortly as we was finished with my initial playthrough, we jumped behind in to make opposite choices. Twice in this episode, you’ll have to select one life over another, and we had to see how saving any chairman played out. With 3 save slots, you’re speedy to have opposite takes on a same story.

That’s overwhelming and is something that guarantees I’m going to get a lot of playtime out of any Walking Dead episode, yet it also forked out how trustworthy we had turn to “my” story. The Walking Dead: The Game is a select your possess journey zombie book, yet when we started my second playthrough, we detected we didn’t wish to make a other choices. we had built my Lee — an honest, caring male — and we wanted to see his story unfold. Going behind and siding with a jerk in an evidence or being meant to Clementine, that wasn’t “my” Lee. In only dual hours, we had turn so trustworthy to these characters interjection to their tip nick voice behaving and these low conversations that wronging them pennyless my heart. That’s kind of complicated for an journey game, yet it speaks to how good all comes together here.

But adequate of all that romantic stuff, we do whack a skulls of utterly a few walkers in A New Day. Similar to a revamped review system, The Walking Dead uses a new journey control scheme. You navigate Lee with one joystick and afterwards pierce an on-screen reticle with a other (WASD and a rodent on PC respectively). Environments are dirty with communication points that we can float over with a cursor and select to demeanour during for some-more info, open, speak to or so on. When a hiker nabs you, it’s a raging button-tap followed by a kill regulating whatever we have around you.

As someone who was unhappy by Jurassic Park, we welcomed this new system. It’s easy to get a hang of, and perplexing to aim a solemnly coming hiker is harder than we consider (though it’s easier with a rodent on PC), and the kills are gruesomely rad. Like, seriously, Telltale doesn’t reason behind on a blood and distinguished violence, that is a unequivocally good thing.

IGN’s SPOILER-FILLED Talking Walking Dead

That’s another thing revealing nails — a visuals. Being partial of a comic universe, The Walking Dead has this cel-shaded demeanour with thick black lines tracing colourful characters and objects. It’s distinguished and pretty. Plus, with a difference of a differing camera cut or audio oddity, The Walking Dead runs unequivocally well. It’s not perfect, yet it’s a best behaving Telltale diversion with small slack and few stumbles.

There is a impulse or dual where something nonsensical breaks a Walking Dead’s account — i.e. an adult not meaningful a radio would need batteries or how to put in pronounced batteries — and we know some journey gamers will be unhappy to find that there unequivocally aren’t many puzzles. But these are unequivocally pardonable things when we demeanour during a whole of what’s a conspicuous start to an enthralling, true-to-form Walking Dead story.

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