Podcast Beyond Talks PlayStation All-Stars

Enter Podcast Beyond, your couple to a IGN PlayStation organisation that pushes news, opinions and complete hilarity true to your ears (and subsequently, your brain).

Deliriously sleepy from most PlayStation-related travel, Colin nonetheless gets Clements and Goldfarb together for an part of Podcast Beyond (even if it is a day late). The organisation talks about some of a latest gaming news, including Black Ops 2′s recover date, Dragon Crown’s new publisher and PlayStation Vita’s invariably indolent sales.

But of course, a bulk of a gibberish surrounds PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Colin and Andrew have played a diversion and sound-off on what they think. Is it a Super Smash Bros. clone? Yeah, flattering much. But is it damn overwhelming in a possess right? You improved trust it!

Oh, and did we know that currently is Greg’s birthday? He’s divided on vacation, though we should still chime-in in a comments next and wish him a happy birthday.

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