SEGA Unveils Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

SEGA has announced Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, a new kart racer featuring Sonic a Hedgehog and a informed expel of SEGA All-Stars.

Other playable characters embody Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) and AiAi from a Super Monkey Ball games, Gilius Thunderhead from Golden Axe and Vyse from Skies of Arcadia. Environments will likewise pull on SEGA’s abounding heritage.

That takes caring of a ‘All-Stars’. The ‘Transformed’, meanwhile, refers to a adaptive vehicles featured in a game, that change into cars, planes and boats depending on a racing surface. So we competence start one track, say, in a automobile speeding down a Super Monkey Ball-inspired track, when a belligerent unexpected gives way, forcing we to navigate a march of dangerous rapids.

The diversion facilities a new arms complement that will capacitate we to retard and hedge incoming attacks, as good as an “enhanced online multiplayer mode”, Grand Prix modes and rival Battle Arenas.

If we wish to know some-more about a game, read IGN’s disdainful preview.

Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed is entrance to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation VIta, Nintendo 3DS and PC Digital Download someday late in 2012.

Daniel Krupa is IGN’s UK games writer. You can follow him on Twitter or IGN.

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