Norton 360 Everywhere

Symantec’s Norton 360 Everywhere ($99/year, direct) is a multi-platform security suite that can strengthen adult to 5 PCs, Macs or Android inclination and also includes 25GB of hosted online backup privately for PCs. It’s unequivocally a discount for those with many inclination to protect.

You use a singular Norton 360 Everywhere permit pivotal to implement insurance on adult to 5 devices. The online Norton Management console lets we check insurance standing and conduct licenses. From a console we can mislay insurance from one device and send it to another, for instance when we ascent your smartphone.

PC Protection
This multi-suite protects your PCs with a absolute Norton 360 Version 6.0 ($79.99 approach for 3 licenses, 4.5 stars). To get 25GB of backup with Norton 360 you’d have to squeeze a Premium edition, that costs a same as Norton 360 Everywhere. That creates Norton 360 Everywhere a genuine discount for those with some-more than 3 PCs.

Norton 360 excels in all areas. Its firewall handles threats and exploits but hassling a user. The spam filter and phishing insurance are top-notch, and it achieved good in antivirus tests by PCMag and by eccentric labs. Password government and form stuffing are rubbed by Norton Identity Safe (free, 4 stars), now accessible as a standalone product.

Full Suite for Macs
Like McAfee All Access ($99.95/year approach for  licenses, 4.5 stars), Norton 360 Everywhere offers a full confidence suite. Bitdefender Sphere ($99.95/year approach for  licenses, 4 stars), Kaspersky ONE Universal Security ($79.95/year approach for 3 licenses, 3.5 stars), and Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security Premium Edition ($99.95 approach for  licenses, 3 stars) only offer standalone antivirus to strengthen Macs.

Norton Internet Security for Mac scans for malware on approach and blocks threats in genuine time. It watches incoming email and present messages, stripping out any antagonistic attachments. A two-way firewall protects opposite penetrate attacks. Website filtering prevents random visits to fake (phishing) sites and sites hosting malware.

Mobile Security
Like many multi-device confidence suites, Norton 360 Everywhere privately protects Android devices, both smartphones and tablets. McAfee and Kaspersky also embody protecting apps for BlackBerry and Symbian; Kaspersky adds Windows Phone 7.

In further to antivirus protection, Norton Mobile Security 2.0 ($29.95 direct) lets users locate, lock, or clean a stolen phone by promulgation a coded content message. Its SIM label close underline prevents a burglar from changing out a phone’s SIM card. Norton Mobile Security steers users divided from phishing sites and can retard neglected calls and texts.

It’s Not Norton One
In many ways Norton 360 Everywhere resembles Norton One ($149.95/year approach for 5 licenses, 4.5 stars). Both strengthen adult to 5 Macs, PCs, or Android devices. Both come with 25GB of online backup. Both implement on mixed inclination with a singular permit pivotal that can be managed online.

What extras do we get for Norton One’s $149.95/year? For starters, it comes with 24/7/365 reward support. Contact support around live discuss or have support call you; they’ll hoop any security-related task, from assisting with designation to creation certain a annoying pathogen is unequivocally gone. Norton One also streamlines a routine of installing insurance on your devices.

Another disproportion crops adult if we wish to strengthen some-more than 5 devices. To supplement a sixth device with Norton One, we compensate one-fifth of a five-license cost pro-rated over a time remaining in your subscription. For example, adding a sixth device median into a subscription would cost about $15.

Norton 360 Everywhere doesn’t offer pro-rated licensing. To strengthen some-more than 5 inclination we need another subscription. The same is loyal of Kaspersky ONE, yet we can squeeze three-, five-, or ten-device packages. Trend Micro’s multi-device apartment privately protects 3 Macs, 3 PCs, and 3 Android devices.

Über-geeks with dozens of inclination might cite a total chartering offering by McAfee All Access and Bitdefender Sphere. For a same cost as Norton 360 Everywhere, McAfee protects all inclination owned by an particular while Bitdefender protects all inclination in a household.

If we wish set-and-forget insurance with all a hand-holding we could ever need, Norton One is for you. But if you’re able of doing any technical issues yourself and wish to save a small money, Norton 360 Everywhere is a improved deal.

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